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NICET Certified Technicians

CurrenTechnologies, Inc. voluntarily operates under NETA standards. We calibrate all field equipment traceable in an unbroken chain to NIST standards every six months. We operate from a business location and employ all our technicians full-time. All of our technicians are certified through NICET and our lead engineer to ensure compatibility with the projects they are assigned to.

Idaho Grown

Over 25 Years of Non-Destructive Testing

CurrenTechnologies, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Idaho in 1994. Our corporate office has been located in the Boise, ID area since establishment of the business.

CurrenTechnologies, Inc. has completed thousands of projects across 15 states for every facet of industry to include petrochemical, healthcare, government, agriculture, military, and manufacturing to name a few. We perform acceptance testing to manufacturers and NETA specifications on all makes and models of gear, maintenance testing and retrofit of the same, infrared inspections, power quality and engineering studies, and training for our hundreds of customers, many of them Fortune 100. We perform warranty work for many manufacturers including General Electric, Prolec, and ABB.


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PPE Testing & Electrical PPE Supplies


Acceptance Testing


Oil Analysis


Non-Destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a method of testing without destroying the item being tested. NDT is used to ensure the quality and integrity of manufactured items, such as components, assemblies, structures, etc.

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Electrical PPE Testing

Comprehensive testing & certification services for your PPE products. Our team can inspect and certify all products that protect workers from electrical shock.

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Transformer Oil Analysis

A preventative maintenance plan should include transformer oil analysis. This test will determine how the transformer is performing, indicating what repairs it may need. Testing and repairs will prolong the life of the transformer.

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Calibration Testing

Calibration of equipment is done on a regular basis. Hard operating conditions and exposure to shock are some of the factors that tend to make instruments deviate. Calibration is required more frequently when the measurement is of crucial importance.

We ensure that your instruments are calibrated to the specifications set forth by the manufacturers standard. Regular equipment calibration is necessary to obtain valid data and operate in a safe environment.

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NETA Acceptance Testing

CurrenTechnologies provides NETA Acceptance testing. The purpose of the testing is to assure that the equipment and systems supplied by either contractor or owner are operational and within applicable standards, and that they can be installed according to design specifications. It also verifies that all components are working properly and that they will function as intended when in use.

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