Transformer Oil Analysis

We provide a dielectric fluid maintenance program which includes yearly sampling to extend the life of your dielectric fluids.

We can provide bottles, DGA syringes, and technicians to pull samples at your location. Sample data can be used for baseline information on new transformers to monitor the performance and endurance of your dielectric fluids. We can remove and recondition existing oil to help lengthen the life of your dielectric fluids. We use sample data to help diagnose possible problems before they become future issues. Our teams are experts enough to perform oil analysis. We can remove and replace existing dielectric fluids that are no longer usable. Contact Us for more information regarding oil analysis.

Sample Data Can Include:

Insulating Fluid Evaluation

  • ASTM D1533 Moisture
  • ASTM D971 Interfacial Tension
  • ASTM D974 Acid Number
  • ASTM D1500 Color Number
  • ASTM D1524 Visual Examination
  • ASTM D877 Dielectric KV
  • ASTM D1816 Dielectric KV
  • ASTM D924 Power Factor
  • ASTM D2668 Oxidation Inhibitor
  • ASTM D129 Specific Gravity
  • ASTM D88 Viscosity
  • ASTM D97 Pour Point
  • ASTM D92 Flash Point
  • ASTM D1807 Refractive Index
  • ASTM D1275B Corrosive Sulfur

Dissolved Gas Analysis

  • Hydrogen (ppm)
  • Methane (ppm)
  • Ethane (ppm)
  • Ethylene (ppm)
  • Acetylene (ppm)
  • Carbon Monoxide (ppm)
  • Carbon Dioxide (ppm)
  • Nitrogen (ppm)
  • Oxygen (ppm)

Travel costs are based on individual locations and the amount of projects to be scheduled. We accept oil samples by mail.

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