Infrared Inspections

We use a state-of-the-art Thermographic Imaging Camera for your infrared inspection needs.

  • Special software allows us to provide detailed and custom reports with high definition color images of your equipment.
  • Our software also allows us to keep an in-depth inventory of your power distribution system.
  • We set up yearly inspections to add to your maintenance program. We keep track of your equipment to assist in diagnosing problems before they become big issues.
  • When it comes to new construction projects, we can inspect your electrical gear to insure proper installation. We are also able to create an inventory of the equipment as a part of an effective maintenance program.
  • With the use of our thermographic camera, we can identify future problems, recommend possible repairs, and help you plan for fixing those issues during your scheduled shutdown or maintenance period.
  • The biggest benefit of this program is that, in most cases, problems are fixed before there are costly and unexpected shutdowns or unseen safety hazards.
  • As an added benefit, we conduct an electrical safety inspection as we walk through your facility which includes; NEC code violations and life safety issues.
  • Some insurance companies offer reduced premiums for including infrared inspections in your maintenance programs.

Problems that can be identified through infrared inspection

  • Loose Connections
  • Potential Fire Hazards
  • Overloaded Circuits
  • Poor Connection

All testing performed to manufacturers and specified industry standards with instruments calibrated traceable to NIST.