Electrical P.P.E. Testing & Electrical P.P.E Supplies

We can schedule your PPE testing to be done at your site or you can bring your
equipment to us.

Electrical P.P.E. Testing

Travel costs are based on individual locations and the amount of projects to be scheduled. We also accept personal protective equipment by mail or drop off at our office!

Item Price
Gloves, Pair $20
Hot Sticks/Shotguns, per foot $10
Line Shields, per foot $8
Blankets, each $30
Sleeves, each $15
Single Grounds, each $30
Ground Clusters, each $50

All testing performed to manufacturers and specified industry standards with instruments calibrated traceable to NIST.

Electrical P.P.E. Supplies

  • Rubber Insulated Gloves – All Classes
  • Glove Covers
  • Rubber Insulated Glove Kits
  • Rubber Insulated Blankets
  • Hot Sticks

Limited list, please call for more details and pricing of your electrical P.P.E. Needs