NETA Level 2 / NICET Certified Electrical Testing Technician

Job Description:

To help perform various testing of electrical distribution equipment, electrical safety equipment, and related gear.

Responsibilities and Duties (include but not limited to):

  • Inspect, test, troubleshoot, perform start-up, and collect data of low and medium-voltage electrical systems.
  • Inspect, test, and troubleshoot, Low, Medium, and/or High voltage switchgear and circuit breakers, protective relays, and transformers.
  • Perform inspection, maintenance, testing, and repair of transformers, circuit breakers, and all related equipment – dry type and/or oil filled.
  • Perform maintenance, testing, reconditioning, and repair on circuit breakers – low voltage 480 low and medium voltage.
  • Perform electrical PPE (personal protective equipment) testing.
  • Test and inspect low and medium-voltage DC and/or VLF cables.
  • Perform start-up, troubleshooting, and repair services on controls and transfer schemes.
  • All work and decisions shall be conducted in strict compliance with all regulatory laws.
  • Must be a self-starter with the ability to perform tasks without supervision.

Desired Skills & Expertise:

  • Dependable and responsible with good judgment and organizational skills.
  • Good customer service, time management, and follow-up skills.
  • Strong computer skills with working knowledge of Windows and Microsoft Office as well as efficient use of the Internet for standards/products manufacturer research.
  • Work will require flexible hours, weekends, and holidays along with the availability to work out of town as needed.

Additional Requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Driver’s License with the ability to be insured.
  • Must pass a background check and pre-employment drug test.
  • Must pass random drug and alcohol tests.

Physical Demands:

Ability to climb ladders, lift and/or move up to fifty (50) pounds of test equipment, crawl, climb, stand for long periods of time while working in non-ideal conditions.


  • Full Time (Monday through Friday with occasional weekend work)
  • Work will require flexible hours, weekends, and holidays along with the availability to work out of town as needed.

Salary Range:

$72,000 – $100,000 (Depends upon experience and certification level)

Benefit Information:

  • Full-time employees are eligible for the following benefits after probationary period:
  • Dental, Vision, Disability, and medical health benefit plans along with 401K, PTO and paid holidays.
  • Travel and phone reimbursement are also available to those employees who are eligible.

About CurrenTechnologies:

CurrenTechnologies, Inc. performs acceptance testing, maintenance, equipment repairs, infrared inspections, power quality and engineering studies as well as PPE certification in several states. Industries that we serve include but are not limited to, petrochemical, healthcare, government, agriculture, military, and manufacturing.

We also maintain a full-service calibration laboratory at our Meridian location, where we provide calibration and equipment repair.

We work with all manufacturers and all years of equipment providing the following field services:

  • Ground Fault Testing
  • Grounding Systems Testing
  • Circuit Breaker Testing & Repair
  • Switchboards & Switchgear Testing
  • Transformer Testing
  • Oil Sample Analysis
  • Low Voltage Cable Testing
  • Medium Voltage Cable Testing
  • Protective Relay Testing
  • Switchgear Metering & Instrumentation Testing
  • Thermographic Imaging Inspections
  • Earth Resistance Testing (MSHA & OSHA)

Other Services

  • Circuit Breaker Retrofits
  • Circuit Breaker Repairs
  • Switchgear Reconditioning

All testing performed to manufacturers and specified industry standards with instruments calibrated traceable to NIST.


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