ION9000 Series

Applications Of ION9000 Series

Industrial, Healthcare, Data Centers, and utility networks

Data Centers – precision accuracy allows the ability to quickly locate disturbances and predict maintenance needs

Healthcare – PQ capabilities ensure the network and sensitive equipment are monitored

Industry – Quickly pinpoint the root cause of the power failure

Features Of ION9000 Series

  • Modular design with multiple mounting and communication options
    • 2 display options
    • Expandable I/Os
    • Expandable Memory (soon)
  • Class 0.1S certified
  • 1024 samples per cycle
  • Complies with PQ monitoring standards: IEC61000-4-30 class A, IEC62586-1/IEC62586-2
  • Patented DDD (disturbance direction detection)
    • Waveform Capture (1s pre-event, 3s event data @1024s/c)
  • Onboard Power Quality Monitoring
  • Access PQ and other data from built-in web pages